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The One Truth

Silent Hill Downpour - Murphy Pendleton - Artwork by Tristan "T-Rex" Jones.

Murphy Pendleton

Murphy Pendleton, nicknamed Cupcake, is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Downpour and a character.

Silent Hill chains and living walls...inspiration

So Universal Studios is throwing Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The Walking Dead themed Halloween Horror events at three of its parks. Resident Evil is a Japanese exclusive, but the Silent Hill haunted house and Walking Dead attractions will.

Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason

Ladies, Gentleman and Apaches: Heather Mason (Silent Hill

Really.. Pyramid head and keeper.. Although Pyramid Head wins that fight for sure like just saying

Pyramid head and keeper. Although Pyramid Head wins that fight for sure like just saying


Anyone excited for this film? EDIT: Saw the film a week ago, not really what I expected, don't really know if I liked it or not, lovely visuals as always though. The film reminded me a.

Heather from Silent Hill

I decided to do a Silent Hill protagonists series Here we have Heather/Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill 3 Here is also James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 Heather Mason