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Mona "Barbie" Lisa.

Representación con Barbie a través de la Historia del Arte

Barbie anatomy by Jason Freeny

You'll Never Look At 'My Little Pony' The Same Way Again

Artist Jason Freeny has made Barbie Anatomy Model, a sculpture that dissects and exposes what might be inside a Barbie doll. Prints are available to purcha

Tyco Swan Princess Odette Doll 1994, Extremely RARE. Check her off my list (out of box.. $0.50 at st vincents)

Fossil Machine 3-Hand Date Leather Watch


Descoberta nova Mona Lisa que foi pintada ao mesmo tempo que a original

Earliest Mona Lisa Copy Ever Discovered, Probably Painted At the Same Time as Da Vinci’s

barbie recreations of art classics

Royal Barbie: Barbie imitates the famous bust of Nefertiti who was the Great Royal Wife chief consort of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. Ms Grivaud grew up playing with Barbie dolls and enjoyed dressing them up in outfits her mother had made for them

Collage of a Mona Lisa...interesting idea to mix art history with modern art for the classroom

Re-presentation unit -invitations ideas -Collage of a Mona Lisa.interesting idea to mix art history with modern art for the classroom