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My first attempt at an evil landscape and I have to say that even though it's a bit cliche, I love everything about the image.

A troll. I have no idea where the idea that trolls regenerate got started, but Wolverine-style healing is now synonymous with trolls in most pop culture settings. The only way to kill them is with fire. Other types have weird hair and grant wishes, live under bridges, or lurk the internet. Fire works for those too.

A Troll King: one of the gravest dangers to travelers and townsfolk alike, Troll Kings lead bands of trolls on brutal raids. They often wear the best armor and weapons the Trolls under his charge can muster, wielding them with deadly efficiency.

Kevin Hou is an illustrator and concept artist based in Shenzhen, China. This talented artist draws environments as well as characters. He mixes both in his battlefields illustrations. We especially like his style, raw and using original brushes. Visit his ArtStation for more works.

The astonishing illustrations of Kevin Hou

ArtStation - Requiem for Men and Gods, Noah Bradley

Noah Bradley Digital Painting Illustration Requiem for men and Gods

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