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Lantana camara Samantha [variegata] - Glasshouse Works

Golden Lantana Bright yellow-zoned leaves are the perfect foil for the golden flower heads;

Syngonium podophyllum Pink Splash - Glasshouse Works

Very wide shimmery heart shaped leaves a rich light green and pink polka dots of variegation.

Deep shade.  Saxifraga stolonifera Tricolor - Glasshouse Works

Deep shade. Saxifraga stolonifera Tricolor - Glasshouse Works

Codiaeum variegatum cornutum Thai Ballet - Glasshouse Works

Emerald swooping, twisted spiraled petite leaves are richly purpled & gilted gold--alternate growths seem to produce elongated leaves, then disk-shaped l.

Coleus Black Lace - Glasshouse Works

Very frilled 'Cantigny Royale' sport forming petite tumbling mounds of frothy purple foliage developing a faint cabbage green edge in lower light;

Nephrolepis Exaltata Whitmanii - Glasshouse Works

Lace Fern or Feather Fern with very fine pinnae creating a thick mist of delicate appearing fronds, yet does not demand high humidity.

Barleria cristata Gold Splash - Glasshouse Works

A fabulous form of Philippine Violet Shrub featuring many clustered blossoms of blue-violet combined with gold variegated leaves;

Coleus Butterfly - Glasshouse Works

Butterfly Coleus Lacinate leaves with purples and olives (like a pastel 'Snowflake' with three tiers) on strong central stems making this heirloom hybrid a.

Euphorbia Flameleaf - another plant purchased from Baker's Acres and lost. First place I've ever seen it offered - Glasshouse Works!

Glasshouse Works is a mail order nursery specializing in rare and unusual plants from around the world. Variegated plants are a specialty.

Oplismenus hirtellus variegatus - Glasshouse Works

trailing stems create a traditionally favorite hanging basket.