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'Lavender Ice’ | Floribunda Rose. Tantau, 2007
Shrub Rose: Rosa 'Paris' 'パリス' (Japan, 2013)  By Kimura TakuIsao http://item.rakuten.co.jp/baranoie/10015281/?s-id=rk_shop_pc_rnkInShop#10015281
David Austin Roses - Redoute. Pierre-Joseph Redoute  (1759-1840) was undoubtedly the world's greatest Botanical artist of his day,if not ever. He enjoyed the patronage of Empress Josephine who commissioned him to paint many of her roses, as well as many  other plants that she collected from all over the world. His story is fascinating & can be read in Antonia Ridge's book "The Man Who Painted Roses".
‘Lavender Ice’ – Tantau (2008). Trosroos.
(klim)roos 'Queen Anne' * - Austin (2011).