German rose Tantau Gartentraeume

Gartenträume® if it will grow where you are,a must! blooms the size of saucers and old rose perfume

‘Bicentenaire de Guillot’ | Shrub Rose. Guillot 2003

Romancing the Rose.By Artist‘Bicentenaire de Guillot’

Rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco® If only the Japanese beetles were not so prevalent here :(

Rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco®

The rose Princesse Charlene de Monaco is one of the ‘Meilland Jardin & Parfum’ cut roses, a luxury rose collection with the best scented rose varieties of the famous French Rose breeding family Meilland.

'Wollerton Old Hall' David Austin Rose. 2011.Named after beautiful garden of same name in Shropshire. Strong Myrrh Fragrance.

Rose " Wollerton Old Hall " , (AUSblanket) , bred by David C. Austin (United Kingdom, before