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Bae means poop guys! Ahaha laughing at all the people calling their girlfriend or boyfriend bae

I'm left handed, I do everything with it. Basically I only use my right hand to use the mouse.

My righty is a genius my lefty is a fish on an airplane. <<< best metaphor ever

Im done.<<but why do people always react like that, I mean it's a pretty good pun come on

my school's "rival school" is on lockdown right now bc someone put weed in the vents so everyone's slowly getting high oh my godd // i guess now you could call it a high school Punny puns

The second to last one though...

What if snakes had arms and legs? I was just informed that those are lizards. Rep inning for the lizards

Holy Shit. I said something very similar to this years ago...WOW...guess I'm not the only one who thinks about this crazy shit!

Write a book. Drugs the gov. Puts drugs into the air all the time to keep people "subdued" and under control. But illegal drugs help see the world like it really is.

I'm glad you put the Christian one in cause a lot of people think that all Christians are Christian™

People need to realize that there’s a difference between straight people and Straight People™. Just like how there are white people who are gay and then there are the White Gays™<< I have never loved a post more. God bless whoever made this

True that, I remember the sillyband craze, and me being sad because I didn't have as many as my friends!!


Silly bands, planking and the cinnamon challenge.