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Grape Hyacinths 2  |  by Kirsten Chursinoff via Flickr ......... French knots on the Patchwork Background

"Grape Hyacinths by Kristen Chursinoff -the hyacinths are made of french knots, background is miniature patchwork, assembled using free-machine embroidery.

Lou Gardiner

I have been revisiting my old work in progress photographs from my COLLECT work for the Saatchi.

Even though the leaves are barely changing colour, I've been noticing the rose hips hinting at autumn.   Working in a series has become an effective way for me to create work in various sizes and price ranges.  As I'm working on several pieces at once, I can make use of the colours and materials to their full potential.  It also reduces the thread changes in the sewing machine! SOLD 3” x 4 ¼” 9" x 11" framed www.chursinoff.com/kirsten/

Rose Hips Small 2 by Kirsten Chursinoff,

Purple in the garden. Alliums. Silhouette. Moody, murky background. machine stitched with hand embroidered French knots. 5 ½ x 7  12" x 15" framed SOLD www.chursinoff.com/kirsten/

Alliums by Kirsten Chursinoff. Machine stitched with hand-embroidered French knots; 5 x