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Here are 6 creepypastas that will hopefully spark some shivers and inspire you to write your own. Description from bizarrocentral.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

I really cannot be bothered to sleep tonight so imma go start up a scary thread, here you may post creepy pasta, scary pictures or you're own brand of scary st

Our World Is Full Of Strange People (43 pics)@Mike Tucker "I"  LOOK AT THESE THEY ARE HILARIOUS!

Sasquatch or Chewbacca? Fur Coat Fashion Fail: I can't tell whether this is chewbacca or sasquatch but I do know that this coat is the ugliest I've ever seen.

Gracias por demostrar tu dolor.  Y es q como te ves te ven.  Jajajaja

Funny Tweets 🍂🦃 on

People think I started getting emotional (angry, sad, hurt etc.) But really its the same way ive felt all my life under different circumstances, its just i dont hide behind a mask anymore and I let my emotions show, I feel free.

animated object with stylized paining technique

Girl Draws Miffy - painting by Chinese artist Liu Ye. I love Liu Ye's work, even better that it's about Miffy!

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Lori Lipton

A Laurie Lipton picture. Sometimes this is what I see when I look in the mirror.


Smoking Kids Portraits by Frieke Janssens on Designspiration

La leyenda de Lilit  El origen de la leyenda que presenta a Lilit como primera mujer se encuentra en una interpretación rabínica de Génesis 1, 27. Antes de explicar que Yahveh dio a Adán una esposa llamada Eva, formada a partir de su costilla (Génesis 2:4-25), el texto dice: «Creó, pues, Dios al hombre a su imagen; a imagen de Dios lo creó; varón y mujer los creó».

Medusa ~~ taken by Poseidon in Atenea's temple and condemned by her to become into a lethal creature. The Gorgons in general, as Vernant proposed, manifested a symbol of the death.

Kuchisake_Onna_by_KittyRika.jpg (640×529)

Kuchisake Onna (by KittyRika on deviantART) - A Japanese myth of a woman mutilated by her jealous husband, returns as a malicious spirit.

Laurie Lipton, Mask, 2008 ©

Laurie Lipton

Laurie Lipton, exceptional American artist who with a prodigious technique and endless patience creates images.

Brick and Meat by SMITHE ONE

The illustrations of the Mexican artist / illustrator / street artist Smithe One , obsessed with his "brick", with his series "Ladrillo y Carne" literally