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Frankrijk ezelwagen 1920. Courtesy: janwillemsen (Netherlands) Dog and donkey working side by side..

Frankrijk ezelwagen Courtesy: janwillemsen (Netherlands) Dog and donkey working side by side.

This was me last night at the dinner table i was rambling about the EMA's Harry Cyrus Hayler ect i just needed to talk about 1D out loud <3

This is me with my three Friends who don't like Same with Taylor Swift. Then I start talking with my friend who likes and we're like blahblahblah.

True. so true. love you harry and liam

♡ One Direction ♡ on

this couldn't be any more true one direction but then my mom sings to annoy me and my dad puts in earplugs

This is fetus! But about the most hilarious thing I've ever seen- One Direction

oh my gosh this is so funny ahahahahhahaahaaha poor kevin

Awww!  hazza is so frickin frackin cute even in his weird moments

My mom doesn't even assume I'm texting a boy, her mind goes straight to pics my life