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Funny (and sometimes messed up) tumblr compilation. I am still laughing at the sims one. Follow my board Just for Giggles for more funny pins -Sydney Davis:

Funny tumblr compilation

I'll buy America for 2 goat omg I am legit crying over this at in the morning omg😂😂

Next time on: Supernatural.


This is really wrong but also really brilliant<<<This is an entire webcomic on Tapastic called Satan and Me

2 kinds of people in this world

2 kinds of people

this is true >>> left side all the way (except for pepsi. I like pepsi)

Ryan Gosling is a favorite of EVERYONE

Funny pictures about It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling. Oh, and cool pics about It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling. Also, It's not just girls who like Ryan Gosling.

Meanwhile, in Japan.

Meanwhile, in Japan.

Scott Disick forever slaying the funny game!

This guy

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. Get this man a show already.<---- Scott Disick is my favorite Kardashian

Lolol. Don't lie...you did it. I would do the nerd emoticon but I don't have it cuz I think ur filler than me.

And then you think about it for the rest of the week // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

But I was so caught up in the euphoria of having all that apple juice, that for a minute I lived in a world where racism didn't exist.

Fresh pressed apple juice!

Funny pictures about Apple Juice Happiness. Oh, and cool pics about Apple Juice Happiness. Also, Apple Juice Happiness photos.

family feud hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha

14 Family Feud Answers That Caused Steve Harvey To Lose Faith In Humanity. Survey says.we're doomed. I love Steve Harvey so much

AW MAN this made everything worse! I never thought about it this way, yech!

Funny pictures about I can't eat eggs. Oh, and cool pics about I can't eat eggs. Also, I can't eat eggs.