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What is Marsala Wine

Geneology of Wine

'The Genealogy of Wine', An Art Print by Pop Chart Lab Tracing the Origins of 640 Different Wines

Presenting a family tree of grapes that decants and demystifies the ancestral connections between 640 varieties of wine! You won’t find a more complete wine genealogy whether you search high or.

Guide to Gewürztraminer wine taste and flavors | Wine Folly

Gewürztraminer Wine Guide

In this guide you will learn how Gewürztraminer wine tastes, where it comes from, and food pairings recommendations that will blow your mind. Here's 4 reasons to give Gewürztraminer wine a chance.

The Wine Grape Family Vine [INFOGRAPHIC] | VinePair

The Wine Grape Family Vine [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Wine Grape Family Vine Infographic reveals how all of your favorite wine grapes are related to each other through genetic analysis.

Why the disparity in price? http://winefolly.com/update/three-tier-system/

What's The Three Tier System and Why is It Corroding

What's The Three Tier System and Why is It Corroding?

Learn About Wine: 11 Easy WIne Charts for Visual Reference

11 Easy Charts to Become a Wine Master

This Chart Will Turn You Into A White Wine Snob! A handy chart offers 20 new ways to talk about el vino blanco.

ap] "Sources for French Oak Barrels" Jan-2013 by Winefolly.com - Most notably, well-made barrels from Alliers, Vosges and Tronçais command the highest prices (upwards of $ 4,000 per barrel). Limousin oak is more loose-grained making it more suited for Cognac, Armagnac, Sherry and whisky aging.

Everything You Need to Know About Oaking Wine

tempranillo_e.jpg 530×360 pixels

tempranillo_e.jpg 530×360 pixels

White Wine Grapes Hand Harvested in a basket 2014 - How Wine is Made from Grapes to Glass

How Wine is Made: From Grapes to Glass

See a step-by-step picture guide of the winemaking process from picking the grapes to bottling wine.

Flavors in Chardonnay by ripeness

Identifying Flavors in Wine

Chardonnay is the most diverse -and most planted- white wine grape in the world. Chardonnay wine ranges from rich and buttery to super zesty. Find out how to get the style of Chardonnay wine you like.

I just love this map

Italian Wine Exploration Map

I just love this map