I remember the day I killed my hair. I had just finished an at-home straightening treatment that reeked of rotten eggs, and I was trying to style my new coif. But my locks were oddly limp and lifeless, the bangs clingy to my forehead. I reached up and pulled at some of the strands around my face,

11 Hair Mistakes You’re Making That May Be Ruining Your Luscious Locks

Toy Story till the end

this better not be wat Toy Story 4 is about. I'm gonna be a strict parent, I'm never gonna give my kid any electronic device. I want to play with actual toys and read books. Since probably by the time I hav kids, their won't know what it is!

Spgbob Sketches 2 by elixirXsczjX13

Spgbob Sketches 2 by

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What It's Like Being A Twentysomething And Dealing With A Coworker From Hell

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Never Read A Girl's Diary

Beginning of the semester vs end of the semester.

Beginning of the semester vs end of the semester. from