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Full Service gas stations meant having your oil checked, windshield cleaned, and tire pressure checked on all your tires. every time you bought gas.

No seat belts or car seats, 1955/56 ... boy, there are a lot of kids in that car and they look like they're having a blast.  :)

No seat belts, No child car seats. Children of Palisades The Pellegrini and Field children posing in the back of a car for a Ford Motor Co.

Antique Gas Station by prayitno, via Flickr

SERVICE, The first drive-in automobile service station opened in Pittsburgh. Louis lays claim to the first intentionally built full-service station. No gas and no station? Fuel was purchased by can in the hardware store.

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Food Store Called Leo's Place Covered with Beverage Ads Incl. Coca Cola, 7 Up, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi Photographic Print by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Modern Style Station: Image courtesy of John Jakle. In the 1940s, stations became "service stations" with oil checks and washing the windows.

In the & fuel stations became known "service stations", which often included: oil checks, tire air pressure checks, radiator water level check, & washing the windows.

1938 Buick Y-Job Concept Car

A SIGNATURE AUTOMOTIVE STYLIST “As one of the most influential and significant automotive stylists of the twentieth century, Earl altered the perspectives and tastes of car designers and buyers.

Equipment Talk on  Brooke is so awesome to share this list of equipment!  I wish mine was half as awesome!

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vintage Orbit gas station, Sacramento, Ca (

The Vintage Orbit gas station in Sacramento, California is an example of ‘Googie’ architecture. There are a number of vintage Orbit gas stations all over the country but few are still operational, or as well kept as this one is.