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Some say it couldn't be made, but someone did. The Royal Data Throne is a place where data is...disposed of. This is a fun sculpture that is full of detail; it has guts in the tanks and a secret hiding place for under the lid. A fun, one-of-a-kind piece to brag about.

15 Weirdest Toilets and Urinals - strange toilet

Known as The Royal Data Throne, this is a place where data is disposed. This exceptional piece is full of detail; it has guts in the thanks and a secret hiding place for under the lid.

This is so ...ugly and yet ...with some glitter....

Barbie Pink Mosaic Toilet

Whether this mosaic toilet appeals to you or it doesn't, you gotta give its maker props. All those pieces of mirror, the pink grout, the naked lady flush handle?

todo un especta.culo

Noruega : Seleccion de las Mejores Fotos

Hier zijn 41 foto's die pijnlijk duidelijk maken dat we maar aan één ding denken. Kinderachtig? Wellicht. Maar blijkbaar ook heel normaal volgens wetenschappers. Onze drang om ons voor te planten is zo sterk (en noodzakelijk) dat hij je dingen doet zien die er niet zijn.

41 foto's die bewijzen dat je maar aan één ding denkt

Photography is an art, and candid meaningful photography even more so. But here are 20 Hilarious Photos That Seem Dirty Even Though They Really Aren’t

Golden Toilet by Bubble of Interest, via Flickr

Golden Toilet by Bubble of Interest. ++++ Now that's a different bathroom experience!

Mexican Talavera toilet.

Check our handcrafted Mexican toilets for surprising bath decorating ideas. Often used as a focal point in rustic, southeast and mexican style bathrooms.

I don't think sticking a toilet inside a sofa would make it any more comfortable

Huge Collection of funny, strange and weird toilets / urinals from around the world

baño ecologico 2

Use sink water to flush toilet - brilliant idea - I have always thought it ridiculous that we use potable water to flush our toilets! I've always wanted a containment system for hand washing water and shower water for toilets.

what in the hell!!!! Awkward Maternity photos, this bunch is just priceless

Funny pictures about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Oh, and cool pics about Totally awkward pregnancy photos. Also, Totally awkward pregnancy photos.

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You might be a Redneck if you have a traffic cone toilet! It's a traffic cone over a squatter.