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“Panda” Rice, seaweed, radishes, carrot, corn and sesame seeds. I especially like the little radish "mushrooms.

Bento, Monsters: Hello Kitty Sandwich and Rice Roll

I had wanted to post up the tutorial for these Hello Kitty sandwich rolls last week, but I was busy revising with my boys for their upcoming.

Spiral Hotdogs... This is a regular for us now.  I give the kids the option of spiral or octopus.  They LOVE this.  And everyone thinks I am the coolest for knowing how to do it.

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

These spiral hot dogs are a simple twist on the standard dog. Instructables user DreamBerry posted a full tutorial, and the technique is fairly straightforward. You'll only need three items to make your own spiral hot dogs: a long drill bit or skewer

New year, new lunch box! Hit the refresh button on school lunches and fill your kids' lunch boxes with the good stuff: fresh, delicious ingredients and convenient wholesome snacks from Annie's. Looking for more great lunch ideas? Check out Annie's lunch library to put the YUM back in the lunch box!

Routine to school = return to the lunch packing routine! Return to school with delicious Annie's snacks, perfect for your kid's lunch box. From berry delicious fruit snacks to chewy, chocolatey and perfectly portable organic granola bars, set the lunch ba

pretty sure my son would throw his plate at me if i did this to his food.

Lots of creative breakfast ideas! from Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts - by Bill Wurtzel

Peanut butter & jelly tortilla with bananas.

Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Wrap. (think I may try this with just peanut butter/jelly/banana)

mozart. food. SO WEIRD. I kinda want to eat it no lie..

From animal inspiration, to recreations of the most classic artistic masterpieces, these amazing bento boxes prove that food might very well be the ultimate form of art.