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Artemis Crock, Wally West, Spirtfire (Does Wally have tattoos on his forearm and chest?

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Wally and Artemis by ~mebellis on deviantART

With Young Justice being canceled, I wanted to make a little tribute piece for spitfire showing the possible "what could have happened" scenario. While I like how Artemis took up the mantle of Tigr.


Kid flash and Artemis. Sadly this is the last moment these two have together before kid flash ceases.

Wally+Artemis -- another class doodle

They're still my favorite XD Probably my favorite walltemis (wallart?) doodle of mine so far. Wally+Artemis -- another class doodle

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young+justice+wally+and+artemis+spitfire | spitfire by may12324

Artemis and Wally again more art of them on the way most likely cause they're awesome, also im loving the idea of red arrow and cheshire getting togethe.

R.I.P. Wally I love you But at least u have you back

THAT is the sound of the Spitfire shipper's hearts BREAKING!