Awesome way to recycle magazines!  Will be doing this soon!!

Using recycled materials like cardboard and magazine clippings, make your own mirror frame. Super glue cardboard around the mirror for the frame and add the rolled magazine clippings using the super glue!

recycling projects | Recycled Magazine Wall Art ∙ Version by Ivana H. on Cut Out + Keep

Based on Recycled Magazine Wall Art by Fruzsina W.

Where the Grass is Greener...: Recycled Magazine Wreath Tutorial

Where the Grass is Greener.: Recycled Magazine Wreath Tutorial Great upcycle activity for the kids

Custom Mirror Made from Recycled Materials by colorstory designs |

This beautiful mirrored wall art will make a statement in your home and its made from recycled magazines!


Des idées de recyclage de magazines!!!

DIY Ideas: Best Recycled Magazines Projects : What do you do with old magazines after use? Do you throw them in a recycle bin?

28+ Jaw-Dropping Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles Beautifully

DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House (not interested in a birdhouse, but could adapt to make a fairy house to go with Boo's new playhouse)