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On this day in Jimi Hendrix signed his first American record contract with Reprise Records. Thank you Sandy Chaffin!

Jimi Hendrix

1969 Woodstock Jimi plays the Star Spangled Banner the Greatest Guitar Performance in history

Jimi Hendrix in Harlem, September 1969.   #jimihendrix

Brother Jimi, showing us that pimping is easy. Jimi Hendrix in Harlem, September…

Jimi Hendrix

45 years ago tonight, in I was watching Jimi Hendrix play at The LA Forum - I think it was about my time seeing him. What a thrill every time.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

I'm just an ordinary 21 year old who loves classic rock and vintage things.

Jimi Hendrix

rock n roll will never die - somethingtoseeorhear: James Marshall Hendrix.