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"I will destroy everything for her"

Writing inspiration @heywriters

god damn right you should be scared of me


HAHAHA dit zie ik zo voor me hahahah


Death is always the winner.

~ you.little.dark.one

Stop saying I'm a good and pure person.

Liked on Pinterest: 34) I'm actually not a problematic person ? Like I'm very smart about what I like and what I dont I am never salty on purpose (unless of course I'm teasing and we both know I am) I hate being mean. The only things that are truly problematic about me is that I'm not fully anti-kink. I hate most of the bdsm shit and it actually terrifies me the only thing I care for is legit super soft and I wouldn't even call it bdsm.

I'm actually not a problematic person ?

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"My life is full of darkness," He said. "You merely adopted darkness.

I can't help but think of someone who lives normally, but then sometimes he brakes and takes his revenge on people, then moves on

"yeah I bet the vulture things are saying 'yeah so hyped for the distruction of the humanity " Marco said sarcastically

Read out loud  There's a reason he had influence. There's a reason he had a following. You met a brother full of love and happiness, I met a lost child determine to build his world

Could be interesting, Ford or another Error to an extremist


James when Colin is in disbelief at James' cold nature towards him

I have always done what was needed to survive. and i will continue to do so without hesitation.

Long Exposure - Mitch Mueller     Yeah? You sure... - Hey! Wait! I Got a New Complaint

but also i am calm, sweet and okay looking. who am i kidding fuck no

◍iт'ѕ noт тнe world тнaт'ѕ crυel, iт'ѕ тнe people in iт◍ aesthetic ~green~

our brains are proper weird

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Neon light buzzes like synapse probably should do.

Verandah House

They let you order books by color, subject, size, or binding! The librarian meets decorator.