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*laugh, Lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot*

Someone left a rose on the beach. Hahaha poor Rose Tyler - NOT my words. I cried at that part!

Hahahah awww

This is almost like an actual Doctor Who episode. SO The Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughters in 'The Doctor's daughter' was friends with the Doctor's daughter then married the doctor and had the doctor's daughter

i don't know if i should laugh or cry

I am crying. I suppose if it's my last time to say it. Bip bop bam look at this lamb. I played that in my head and laughed so hard!


River shot a monster because her father was scared. I love her. I love Rory. I love this.


Sorry, but are you forgetting the time the three Doctors had tea with the three TARDISs (what is the plural form of TARDIS) in the background? Lol I must be British on the inside cause I've been drinking earl grey and watching BBC since I was 5

When you realize that to end the Time War, he might have caused his own kids' death... or at least he thought he did, until he found out that Gallifrey wasn't gone but in a pocket universe.

This really does break my heart, cause you tend to forget that the Doctor was a dad once. And then you realized that he had a wife and kids, and he destroyed Gallifrey. Doctor Who punctures your heart, people.

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-Rose: O.O -Ood: Bloody Autocorrect Her face! It's the same as my expression when I heard the ood's line :)

Also, watch the last two episodes of s11, you’ll understand why they look so crappy in the beginning.

Ok but my favourite thing is how sure the cybermen upgrade but how is it that the Doctor always manages to go along their timeline so that he sees all their progress? But nope not thus season, in season 10 we get the original cybermen!

He did

Steven Moffat wrote The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. The only episodes where everyone lives. The last time he wrote everyone living by the end of the episode.

Doctor Who

Dumbest genius in the entire universe oh I loved Ten