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 his optimism and the fact that he totally prefers to have the moral high ground

Who needs guns when you have the moral high ground? But what good will the moral high ground do you when you're dead? Doctor logic: I can regenerate.

*10's voice* Ohhhh, Yes!!* ten and eleven are doing their sexy poses. But I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!

Except they didn't change my life per say. They inspired me to change my life, and still, I am forever grateful for that :)


Rose and Ten - This is so adorable I almost squealed in the middle of the library. <---- I definitely squealed in the middle of the library.

Tim Burton's Doctor Who....

Tim Burton's Doctor Who [Pic]

Tim Burton's Doctor Who, starring Johnny Depp as the Doctor and Helena Bonham Carter as his companion. Or maybe she's the villain.


That is freaking beautiful. I was thinking the exact same thing when the doctor said that he is not a cat person I'm just thinking really dude? you liar . but you're just too cute to call liar anymore

Haha love 10

Let's all applaud the nod to Ray Bradbury and his sci fi genius. -- I love the look on The Doctor's face in the last panel

Thank the lord for jackie tyler

This is probably one of my favorite interactions between the Doctor and Jackie Tyler. I think I miss her just as much as I miss Ten & Rose! I loved Jackie!

Craig Ferguson and his Doctor Who obsession. I do a similar dance when the theme song plays. :P

7 Reasons to Love Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson - "Doctor Who" explained in less than 3 minutes (cold open [♫♪Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.


The Doctor as a Pokemon master (Whenever he throws a pokeball, "Allons-y, Pikachu!

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David Tennant In Time Machine In Studio 16 - More Info On The Channel 4 Pilot

AUSTRALIA PREMIERE: Fireman Sam: Alien Alert Featuring David Tennant Airs On David Tennant voices an alien hunting TV presenter in Fireman Sam: Alien Alert, an hour long animated special which.

Hahahahahahaahahahahahaa!!!  Anyone who calls it "Dr. Who" is a Wholigan!! <<---YES

"How can you be a bad Doctor Who fan?" <= i don't know but I'm going to try so I can be called a Wholigan! Can we just be called Wholigan Whovians anyway?


And this is just after he called happy crying "humany wumany." The Ponds make him more human than he thought that he could be.

Rose/Little Red Riding Hood, Martha/Dorothy, Donna/Alice, Amy/Wendy, Clara/Mary Poppins

Doctor Who companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, and Clara Oswin Oswald compared to classic fairy tale characters