KATILU aiarako keramika-ceramica de ayala-aiara ceramics: CERAMICA CONTEMPORANEA SAKIYAMA TAKAYUKI

These textured ceramic vessels are by artist Sakiyama Takayuki . To see more of his work go to Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud .

Resultado de imagen para planetas cerámica gres

Large vessel with tapered neck with diagonally incised cascading folds 2007 Stoneware 14 x 16 x 22 inches Inv# 5447


crear un bodegon

Emily Myers, ceramic artist, illustrated descriptions of some of the popular forms and vessels Emily makes in porcelain and red stoneware.

La délicatesse des céramiques de Cheryl Malone pic.twitter.com/yciNI8fcOd

I like the raw edge and the scribble look Cheryl Malone Porcelain - stratified Vessel Series