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Aww yes until I meet Grayson and become mrs Grayson Dolan muhahaha, *cough, oops

Just kidding

Read Just kidding i have all of them!❤️ from the story The Mendes army ✌🏼️💕 by my_idol_shawn_mendes (My_idol_shawn_mendes) with 790 reads.

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Dolan Twins

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They did and I am so happy they did! I love them so much, and even if someone thinks that it is dumb for me to like them I honestly don't care! Pinterest: bellaboo_xo

They did once I was really upset and my friend and I just went on a Dolan twin marathon ❤️

I would love to hang out with them it would be so much fun

for those ppl who wouldnt wanna hang out them. pls seek medical help asap cause there's something srsly wrong with you

Justin Bieber, Babe

°Butterscotch and bubblegum drops are bittersweet to me°

I think my friend is the daydreamer while I'm the creepy kid. but together were the best friends.