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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign - Make your voice heard!  Deadline March 24, 2014

Wild and Free in Adobe Town Fine Art Wild Horse Photograph by Carol Walker animals

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Please contact the BLM and tell them to stop roundups and leave OUR horses alone. blm_wy_adobetown_hma We do not want these animals rounded up with helicopters and fitted for radio collars.

Wild horses in a family band in Adobe Town, in the Red Desert of Wyoming, by Carol Walker www.LivingImagesCJW.com

A wild horse family in Adobe Town Adobe Town Wild Horses in Wyoming Under Siege Again – Please Comment by May 6 May 2016

35Wild Horses Mustangs

25 Awesome Mustangs Wild Horse

35Wild Horses Mustangs

Stop BLM's Plan to Destroy Wild Horse Herd in Idaho | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Please sign this petition to save American Wild Horses from Slaughter and Extinction ~ American Wild Horse Preservation

Red Raven - wild mustang stallion.  People pay unbelievable amounts of money for breeds that have what comes so naturally to this horse; spirit, gracefulness, beautiful animation in movement, conformation.  Where do they think their Andalusian's come from?

Seattle No. 54 - Fine Art 8.5x11 Print

Red Raven challenging Bolder in the Pryor Mountains of Montana Beautiful Stallion. I love watching the documentary on Cloud and his life as a Wild Stallion.

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Mustang Stallion

He didnt want to go with them so he stared at me for a while then walked back into the corral and stoped at me he lowed his head and nickered so i let 'im stay.

Wild horses fighting. I love that dark stripe of color down red one's back.

The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, encompasses acres on the Montana-Wyoming border. About 170 horses live on the range. Beautiful roan and lineback dun!

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