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For kids with special needs, receiving independent school tuition hinges on wheher the home district can provide an apppropriate education.

Abounding in Hope With Lyme: Chronically Ill Homeschooling Part 2 - When Your Child Is Sick

15 Important Phrases You Should Say to Avoid Homework Meltdowns with Your Anxious Child - Integrated Learning Strategies

Signs of Reading Disorders

Classroom teachers should look out for signs of reading disorders. Learn about common ways students struggle with decoding, comprehension and retention issues.

Ruth Rumack's Learning Space believes in guiding students to educational success by nurturing academic potential & acknowledging the individuality of the learner

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Protecting Students with Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education - by Pat Howey, Advocate - At least two federal laws provide protection for your child at the postsecondary level. There may be other state and/or local laws that also provide protection.    To assist your child in learning about her civil rights contact:    a civil rights attorney  your state's Protection and Advocacy agency  your state or local civil rights protection agencies  Section 504 and the ADA

Protecting Students with Dyslexia in Post-Secondary Education wrightslaw

Reading Tests: What They Measure & Don't Measure  - There are two important realities in testing. First, tests do not always measure what they appear to measure. Second, all tests do not measure reading, writing, and math skills comprehensively. Reading comprehension, for example, is a complex entity. Although we may think of reading comprehension as a single skill or a single subtest score, students with poor reading comprehension can struggle with a variety of deficits

Loads of hands-on tips for helping a reluctant reader, from motivation to red flags to look for.

Student taking test for dysgraphia

Types of Behavior Assessments

Is your child being evaluated for dysgraphia? Read about types of tests for dysgraphia and how they assess writing skills in children.

Parent Ed Class: Bedtime Battles/Morning Hassles Plano, TX

Need an Evaluation but Stuck in RTI? What are Your Rights? Response to Intervention (RTI), if used incorrectly, will prevent students who have true learning disabilities from receiving the specialized instruction they need. School districts should not use RTI to delay, or worse, to not evaluate children who are suspected of having  disabilities.

Help for Dyslexia and Reading Problems, Orton Gillingham tutoring, & Advice for homeschooling with dyslexia.

What to Look For When Choosing a Pre-School - Some people think all preschools are the same. But some may not be the best fit for your child’s needs, or for your budget. It’s a good idea to visit several before you decide which one to send your child to. This downloaded checklist can help you evaluate schools during your tour.

What to Look For When Choosing a School

What to consider when choosing a preschool, charter school, public school or private school for your child with learning and attention issues.

Here are some guidelines to help you get through the financial aid process.

How to Decode Your College Financial Aid Offer

Study Skills Guide: Study Tips, Strategies & Lessons for Students

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