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Becoming the Lantern | via Tumblr cartoons -  wirt,  over the garden wall ~ *DIES cus it was awesomely done and he looks dead gorgeous *

miyuli: “Quick and dirty painting of Wirt. Maybe an alternate ending? I like to hurt myself with art… ”

Portal 2: From the sky to the core. No pun intended. (Except maybe a little.)

Portal From the sky to the core. No pun intended.) GLaDOS, Chell, Wheatley, Turrets, they're all here.

Portal done right

Portal done right

Funny pictures about Portal Done Right. Oh, and cool pics about Portal Done Right. Also, Portal Done Right photos.

Pokémon/Soul Eater Crossover

Oh God! Why Excalibur?

Soul Eater / Pokémon ~~ Pity the Pokedex as Excalibur intones, "FOOL!" This is the best thing ever xD

So many gumshooe

*laughing hysterically* <<< I bet he'd actually try to do it though.