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A pesar de las críticas, Batman V Superman rompe récords

August 12, 2015: Henry Cavill Talks About Big Plans for DC Movies

Empire Debuts Distressed "Batman V Superman" Cover - Comic Book Resources

Liga da Justiça

10 motivos pelos quais o Batman de Ben Affleck calou a boca dos críticos!

'Batman v Superman': Ben Affleck Teases New Frustrated Angry Dark Knight "He courts many women owns many cars and parties a lot" the actor says of his take on DC's iconic hero who "does that as a way to fill the void in his soul.

Talon - Court of the Owls

Imperdible! Superheroes / Supervillanos IV. Megapost

Batman: Court of the Owls by Greg Capullo Such a stinking amazing series

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer is OFFICIALLY here! FULL, EXTENSIVE BREAKDOWN! |

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer Is OFFICIALLY Here! FULL, EXTENSIVE BREAKDOWN!

Warner Bros aren't ignorant of leaks- and perhaps the biggest movie in history was victim of a leak yesterday for its teaser trailer just a few days in advance of its .


"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" cast: Henry Cavill Ben Affleck Gal Gadot Jesse Eisenberg Amy Adams Jeremy Irons Ray Fisher Laurence Fishburne Jason Momoa Diane Lane Holly Hunter Callan Mulvey Ezra Miller Scoot McNairy Lauren Cohan Jena Malone Micha

The New Batman v Superman Trailer is Finally Here!

The New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Brings New Footage, Awesomeness


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