Explore Saddle Oxfords, Brogues, and more!

anklets  saddle shoes ~I rememeber these  I wore them in 7th grade~~~

had a few pairs in elementary school. One pair I scuffed the heck out of on purpose, so I could get new shoes. Dad took me to the shoe store, and got me a new pair.of Saddle shoes!

...enduring the annual 'Class Picture'  in Primary School. ;-)

Girls always wore dresses to school no matter what the weather was because that was the rule. No pants were allowed until the early In Catholic School, we could only wear pants on cold day under our dresses.

L'eggs panty hose...and we saved the "egg" for our teachers to be used for a future craft

L'eggs panty hose, they came in a plastic egg! Save the egg for Easter!

...frosted lipstick from Yardley of London..?

Yardley frosted 'Lip Slickers,' I had this lipstick in high school -- Kenda

Saddle shoes ! These were popular in the 50's.  And it was still in style with grade and high schoolers in the 60's. Even in to the 70's.

Saddle Oxfords with the red crepe soles. The saddles were more expensive so I usually had plain gray ones. I hated the gray, & thought I was something whenever I got saddles. I was so rough on shoes I now know why I got the gray ones most of the time.

Let´s Keep the 50´s Spirit Alive!: 1950´s

Buster Brown Easter Shoes- we loved our Buster Brown shoes! Haha, I had the brown and white saddle shoes.

The Mickey Mouse Club - Watching reruns from the 50's and the revived 1977. I don't think I could sit through an episode now at all. My generation seen Lisa Whelchel, Julie Piekarski. Lisa would later play Blair and Julie would be Sue on Facts of Life. Julie also played in Different Strokes. Anyone remember Corey Feldman's sister, Mindy?

The original Mickey Mouse Club - Annette Funicello was everything I wanted to be.

Go Go boots.

Wet look boots. Some people call these go-go boots, but I remember those as being ankle-high white boots that zipped up the back (at the heel).

This is the second kitchen phone that I remember during my childhood and this one had a rotary dial.  The first one sat on the kitchen counter.  We would pick up the receiver and the operator would say, "Number please."  Then we would tell her the number we were calling.

Rotary dial phone, wall mounted with the phone book close by. The cord was all stretched out and wonky.

Maya...would you go to the office for me and make some copies?

mimeograph machine This was how the teacher made copies. In school, everyone called it the ditto machine. If the paper was still a bit wet when you got it, the ink would rub off on your fingers. I can still smell the ink :)

ENDURING LOVE: ROY AND DALE. Through the good times and the bad, their love grew stronger . . . read the true story of their romance in this Valentine's blog post ...

Enduring Love: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.happy trails to you until we meet again. Happy trails to you.

From the Sears 1973 catalog Yes, we really wore this stuff.  And we thought we were cool.

clothes - bell bottom pants and vests. I remember this I had the plaid pants and the yellow sweater vest.

Yellow wall rotary phone. The yellows and greens were really popular in the 70's.... to match the appliances in the kitchen! (SH)

Harvest Gold Wall Phone My parents had one exactly like this in the kitchen as I was growing up.with a really long cord!