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The red fox is the most common and widespread fox species in the world, found throughout most of the United States. Photo by Igor Shpilenok.

You don't need an expensive camera to take beautiful photos!

18 Perfectly Beautiful Photos Taken With an iPhone

Michael O'Neal of San Francisco won first place in the animals category in the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards. (Photo by Michael O'Neal)

I've never seen a fox face like this - so cute!  Hope I didn't fall for a Photoshop trick.  Wonder what the fox would say?

ⓕurry & ⓕeathery ⓕriends - photos of birds, pets & wild animals - Curious Fox

Our Winter Cabin: Photograph I`ve loved you by Gleb Skrebets on Squirrel enjoying the snow

Canadian Marble Fox - Imgur

Canadian Marble Fox

canadian marble fox-The beautiful "arctic marble" fox is an animal that is bred and sold solely for profit. This "man-made" coloration does not normally occur in the wild, and is a product of human intervention

Blue and brown eyed wolf

A white fox with one brown eye and one blue eye. I love dogs like this!

ilaurens:  Winter wonderland - By: (Pim Leijen)

Photograph Winter wonderland by Pim Leijen on Such a cute fox, enjoying the snow like a cutie!

Little Fox  by Selda Schretzmann

OH MY GOSH! Today me and ? saw two baby foxes playing and their Mom was watching them! It was SUPER DUPER cute like oh my gosh!