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I literally can eat so much food after any ballet class, its like not even funny.

Or when you have a break and are too lazy to stretch so when you get back to class you're like "Where did all my flexibility go?"

Dance problems - YES. Like in the summer time and I'm too lazy to stretch. By the time I go back a feel like an old lady.

Ok I have nothing against cheerleaders but I find this kinda funny!

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"Anything cheerleaders can do, dancers can do better" Cheerleaders always get the spotlight, let's hear it for our dancers!

dancer problems ...why don't girls ever notice how amazing male dancers are!! thank God atleast in kpop they have some value!! infact they're adored!! i have always had a think for guys who can dance....and my crush is famous for his dancing skills only ^^

At least male ballet dancers keep their tights cleaner than football players who, let's be real, also wear tights.

Little Dance Things- Every day

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No te conformes con lo que necesitas, lucha por lo que te mereces.

This photo was taken on October This is total abuse. (I hope the teacher was reported, this poor child, the damage this could have caused.