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Make A Folding Craft & Cutting Table On The Cheap

Cutting table on casters - possible use of my material (cast polyamide which I can produce) for the casters. My contact:

Note the sewing machine storage! Clever hack of IKEA Expedit Shelving units into table. Note: IKEA does not make the Expedit shelving-units any longer the Ikea Kallax is a good substitute

DIY cutting table with metal shelving from IKEA--I used this idea for my big basting table--it's wonderful

DIY cutting table with metal shelving - like this but with black pipes/shelving and a darker or otherwise colored work surface - like the idea of having it all wheels, but it would need to have locks or something I think

Cutting Table DIY // Simple Studio Project // Closet Case Files

Sewing & Cutting Table DIY for Your Craft or Sewing Studio

An easy, affordable tutorial to make a custom, DIY cutting table for your craft or sewing studio.

Mesa organizadora

4 cubbie shelves with cutting board on top--cutting table. Could adapt this for any craft table--lots of storage

Modern Craft Table, can make it bigger by adding another set of cubbies or by stretching out the shelves.

Build a Modern Craft Table - Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans