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Fluid cat.

This Is the Height of Laziness - I can sleep anywhere too.so I understand them. I am not lazy!wake up later and wonder what happened. So cute.

Maine Coon Cat http://www.mainecoonguide.com/adopting/

Maine Coon Personality Traits

Easy-going, affectionate and friendly, the Maine Coon cat’s personality is mostly pleasant, enough to make a pet owner “purr” with warmth.

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Brackenfoot is a dark brown tom with amber eyes. He is courageous and strong.

silent solitude

silent solitude



- I miss you too.



If you wear black you aren't just a shadow of other people you are a human who deserve the same respect as the people who think they are "normal" and you not. If we wear black we aren't sad everytime we can smile and be happy. Just don't judge us!

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Pretty kitty cat

Pretty kitty cat

~precious kitties in the wood pile~. Saw a kitten like this at the vet today - so tempting.

Baby maine coon

The breed can be understood in a number of colours and are famous for their intelligence and gentle personalities. It is not uncommon for this breed to relish playing with water.