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~ Newsboys.... love this song! btw, they are coming out with a new movie called Gods not Dead. Cant wait to go see it!

This picture I think fits Richard Parker, because the quote says "We all have a fighter in us" and obviously he is a predatory animal, but under the circumstances of being stranded in the life boat, he has to fight for his life and continue to stay alive.


please tell the BLM to stop the roundups and use birth control. Help find homes for the horses in holding areas.

When it is spring in Iceland, the Icelandic horse foals. You can see the foals on the fields, valleys, and meadows, while driving the Ring Road of Iceland (Route 1). Perfect for a road trip with a horse theme, enjoying nature at the same time.

Two Wild Mustang Foals: Pretty as You Please. The reason I need much land to release these majestic animals back into the wild where they can roam until their hearts content.

The Clydesdale horse breed was originally from Scotland. Its name comes from the river Clyde which is found in the southern region. Although the horse is an old breed that has been around for centuries, there is some evidence that it may not have been native to the region. The general belief is that the horse breed emerged after female Scottish horses were mated with larger ones imported from England. The result was the Clydesdale breed that featured horses far larger than their English…

Country Living - Winter Just like a horse I used to ride when I was kid, the gentlest of giants.

Hey you!

I have always adored Shire horses. Huge, majestic, friendly and beautiful beings!

Tobiano with a Slipped Pattern - meaning that the white shoulder marking that is common in the Tobiano pattern seem to have "Slipped" down and do not even cross over the topline.

I have loved horses all my life. I think they are one of the most magnificent animals God has created. This horse's mane and tail is stunning! How can you not love the beauty of a horse?