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Bridget Riley

"Focusing isn't just an optical activity, it is also a mental one." - Bridget Riley // Artist Bridget Riley is an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of Op art.

Eve Aschheim, Lurker

Lurker by Eve Aschheim. Medium: Pencil, gesso, crayon, and ink on synthetic polymer sheet;

Shadow Play - Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley - Shadowplay - 1990 - Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, U. Riley, inspired by colours in ancient Egyptian art, limns light and shade in Shadowplay

Artist: Bridget Riley, Title: Blaze 1, Art Period: Op Art (1962)

I liked this poster because it's an interesting take on a Bauhaus style poster. It uses the same disciplines but used an illusion as the image Artist: Bridget Riley, Title: Blaze Art Period: Op Art

Universal visión

Sacred Geometry - must work this pattern into a Zentangle project. Lots of Zentangle inspiration at this website.

ambient-tanks:  Bridget Riley                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Op Artist Bridget Riley by John Goldblatt. "no painter, dead or alive, has made us more aware of our eyes than Bridget Riley" Robert Melville 1971

I need to try this

***GIF***scrolling sine wave peak valley illusion p. Animated GIF click through to view!


Psychedelic Art and Form Constant Patterns

Bridget Riley - Fall  Michael Compton’s account of Bridget Riley’s painting, Fall, “The eye (and the mind) is threatened with a complete breakdown in its power to control or structure what it sees. It is overwhelmed which contridictory information, much of it is created by its own mechanisms, which in less extreme conditions, serve to stabilise perception.”

The Work of Bridget Riley

Op Art Bridget Riley Fall 1963 ‘I try to organise a field of visual energy which accumulates until it reaches maximum tension'

The Missive: by Markus Raetz [for contour line drawing lesson]

Things To Do For Stress Relief

The Missive: by Markus Raetz [for contour line drawing lesson] op art/element and principle lesson