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Son With Mama

a brown bear mother will die for her cubs. brown bears have one to four cubs.

Картинки по запросу Медведь гризли

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Br careful, don't slip.

Learning climbing - by Rob Janné ("This little cub is learning climbing by his mom. She is so carefully, the cub is climbing between the front legs, so she can't fall.

Evil Plotting Bear

Funny pictures about Evil Plotting Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Plotting Bear. Also, Evil Plotting Bear.

"I got me a good deal here."   #bears #cuteanimals

15 Momma Bears Teaching Their Bear Cubs The Ways Of Life. A compilation of pictures of Momma bears doing awesome parenting with their cubs


Bear is playing peek-a-boo with the zookeeper! [Photo by ~davidjschloss~ (David Schloss) June 6 2006 Bronx Zoo, New York] 120801

It gets tough sometimes...

Oh no, it’s monday again! A collection of funny animals that really, really hate mondays! It might not be monday today, but it doesn’t have .

Oh hey ... didn't see you there. How you doin

Brown Bear in Neuschonau within the Bavarian Forest National Park. Brown bears are opportunistic and seasonal feeders, moving in response to food aggregations such as spawning salmon.


Grizzly bear cub peekng over Mom. Photo taken by Steve Hinch, at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.