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Manualidades para Niños

7 Manualidades con hojas de otoño para niños

From paper plate crafts, to art, to play dough and more, here's Fall Kid Crafts your whole family can enjoy together this Autumn season!

Ive done this before with kids using various leaves and flowers - They love it!

DIY Leaf print for cards: Place a fresh leaf in between a sheet of paper and a paper towel. Tap it with a hammer and it leaves the outline of the leaf.

Recycled egg carton crafts. The owl is easy, even for a two year old, as long as you are zen about where they color.

How to make an recycled egg carton owl


We love these Leaf Animals! A wonderful Autumn craft activity for little ones 😀🍂🍃

So Cool Idea | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

DIY Hammered flower and leaf prints; flowers or leaves, watercolor paper or other rough paper, selection of hammers

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Bricolages d'automne : les feuilles à l'honneur

Simple Paper Cat and Fox Garland. I think a bunch of multicolored cats would be very sweet for a birthday party decoration!


Simple Paper Cat and Fox Garland. Tim would love a fox garland for his birthday!

This is one of my favourite piece of artwork. Children can create a lot of different pictures with a piece of leaf.it helps expand their imagination.

Great idea for an assignment! Take students outside and have them choose one organic item like a leaf, twig, pebble, petal, etc. Use this in a mixed media composition.

Fun for our upcoming plane ride back to visit family.dividing them into three sections, to make books where you can swap heads, middles and legs. Here are some examples of the books they created using photographs of themselves as a starting point.

Igel pompom

Igel pompom