ooh, a key tree girl. there has got to be some sort of plot that can be made from this. matthewb: “I’ve Been Waiting For You” by Anne-Julie Aubry.


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vintagegal: “Glynis Johns in Miranda (1948) ”

Mislabeled as: Mermaid. This is Glynis Johns in the movie “Miranda” Great movie. Second movie was Mad About Men made in 1954 in Technicolor. Glynis Johns appears in both films as the mermaid Miranda.

The Mayde's in the Crash Passes are a dangerous folk. A hungry folk. Beware the Shark Mayde's.

♒ mermaids among us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens -sarah lee

Iluminación - Deluxe Edition Print

Illumination - Deluxe Edition Print by Anne-Julie Aubry

Miguel Freitas - Corner Cafe, I love the colors, they are so bright and vibrant! Like very much to paint something like this!

"Corner Cafe" by Miguel Freitas.Portuguese-born artist living in Canada since