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Porque tanto yo como otras personas amantes de los animales, no alcanzamos a…
Costa Rica recently joined 43 other nations in backing a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW), which acknowledges that non-human animals are sentient beings who can think, suffer, and should be protected under the law from cruelty and mistreatment. President Oscar Arias ratified the declaration with Vice President Alfio Piva and Provincial Mayor Araya Monge also offering their endorsement.
15.Treat all living beings with respect and consideration.  a. Prevent cruelty to animals kept in human societies and protect them from suffering. b. Protect wild animals from methods of hunting, trapping, and fishing that cause extreme, prolonged, or avoidable suffering. c. Avoid or eliminate to the full extent possible the taking or destruction of non-targeted species.  The Earth Charter  Ban-Srut Beam  - Last Prophet - Lineage of Nokodemion
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Que se cumplan las Leyes de protección animal
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Thirty-three alpacas were seized from a farm recently, and the owner faces animal cruelty charges. According to officials, the animals were being severely neglected, dehydrated and suffering parasitic infection when rescued. Urge Thurston police to ensure this woman faces the consequences of her abuse.
Esto es como el infierno....debe parar. Denuncia. No compres. No seas parte de esta aberración!!!

This needs to stop...