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Stop fearing fat!  www.foodmatters.com #foodmatters #fmquotes

Stop fearing fat! www.foodmatters.com #foodmatters #fmquotes

Why you should not count calories infographic

Infographic: Why you should not count calories

Love this! Food is more than just calories. It's nutrients. When you change the oil in your car, you could put 4 qts of fresh oil that will help the engine run smoothly and clean out the crap, or you could put 4 qts of used black gross oil which will gunk

personalized medicine. Food as medicine. Healthy Living. Balanced Living. Well recipes approved.

Top Five natural gargle recipes and tips for sore throat

Healthy eating ~ Please tell me if you have ever seen a sexy hot chick chompin on a dipped in yummy garlic humus broccoli floret on a commercial ~ LOL

Fat loss quote of the day: "The key to eating healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV commercial" - So true!

Healthy Diet #HealthyDiet #Healthy #Diet http://www.promotehealthwellness.com/ayurvedic-diet/

Ayurvedic Diet Adjustments with Seasonal Cycle to Keep Your Balance

Healthy Diet #HealthyDiet #Healthy #Diet http://www.promotehealthwellness.com/ayurvedic-diet/

Did you know that some foods promote the skin disorder process through inflammation, stress, hormonal imbalances and blood-sugar levels? According to Chinese medicine, there are a number of skin conditions that can be caused by an improper diet or a diet that is not suitable. Try to include anti-inflammatory foods as much as possible!

Anti-inflammatory diet: choose the right foods to heal skin

In an anti-inflammatory diet, we primarily move away from the overly processed, unbalanced diets of the West and toward the ancient eating patterns.

Food Labels - what do they really mean? Here are the answers. Find out what each of these common food labels means and how they are regulated.Also, remember that just because something says organic, gluten free, low carb, 100% natural or any other label - it doesn't mean that it is healthy!

Food Labels, Decoded

Real Simple translates common label terms to help you make the wisest choices.