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Legends (1986 DC) 5

Continued from ACTION COMICS Demagogue G. Gordon Godfrey's message of hate against the heroes continues to take hold of the populace while Flash, Black Canary, Shazam and more face off against the super villains of the world. Continued in COSMIC BOY

The Flash (Volume) - Comic Vine

The Flash series) - cover by Carmine Infantino

AllStar Squadron Vol. 3 No. 23  1983  First by TheSamAntics

All-Star Squadron Vol. 23 - 1983 - First Appearance of Amazing Man - DC Comics Comic Book

New Teen Titans (1980-1988) #18

It's a Starfire of a different sort as the male, Russian super hero arrives in the U.

COOL COMIC COVERS - 2 http://www.claudeneves.com/blog/2013/10/20/cool-comic-covers-2

Cover Thumbnail for Justice League International (DC, 1987 series) [Direct] lobo on cover

Deadman #5 - The Call From Beyond September 1985 Reprints of the original Deadman stories.

Deadman DC Comics Reprinting the Neal Adams cover for Strange Adventures without the logo, to reveal the complete artwork.

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! #14 (1982 series) - cover by Scott Shaw

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! series) - cover by Scott Shaw

The Flash #325 "DEAD RECKONING!/"Warning:Danger Ahead!" September 1, 1983.

Gardner Fox & Harry Lampert's The Flash by Carmine Infantino & Rodin L.


After "Crisis," DC attempted a new massive comic crossover! Disguised as a televangelist, Glorious Godfrey turns man against supermen. When superheroes are outlawed, outlaws are the new superheroes (see "Suicide Squad").