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Bookstore - Lello & Irmãos Bookstore, Porto, Portugal

How can I get one of these staircases in my dream house? Because it is awesome. Lonely Planet classified this bookshop as the third best bookshop in the world, Livraria Lello & Irmão in Porto, Portugal (by Ricardo Bevilaqua).

Silvio Zangarini - Spiral (Vatican museum)

I loved walking these steps 6 and 8 years ago. Can't wait to do it again Spiral staircase, Vatican Museum, Italy.l love this staircase! It's so beautiful to walk down and makes lovely pictures taken from a higher section to a lower section.

Clásicos de Arquitectura: Casa Battló / Antoni Gaudí

Galería de Clásicos de Arquitectura: Casa Battló / Antoni Gaudí - 1

Paul Caponigro - Spiral Staircase

last-picture-show: “ Paul Caponigro, Spiral Staircase, San Francisco, California, 1953 ”

Beautiful stairs

The staircase Jack wishes he had built.The Tulip Stairs. The Tulip Stairs, inside the Queen's House, Greenwich Park in London. Photo by Martin Turner

Yarn bombing the Gypsy stairs - WOW that's a determined crocheter!

Dovecot Studios Stairwell, design created with wool yarn. Reminds me a little bit of guerilla art even though this staircase is inside. Love all the colours.

This spiral staircase called “Wendelstein” made of sandstone and part of Castle Hartenfels in Torgau  Saxony

"Fibonaccis Dream" by This spiral staircase, called "Wendelstein," is made of sandstone and is part of Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, Saxony. Hartenfels Castle was first mentioned in old writings in

acquadisale: “ vieni ” F A&D

Here or stairs - doesn't really matter - I think this is a great photo. Hey could have been photography or light, too