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Detail of photograph titled Lost Artefacts: Compact by ~GoldenSkittles (Source: inanimatebeauty). Via Etain's Samhain board.

Clocks and Watches by hester

The death clock is ticking slowly in our breast, and each drop of blood measures its time, and our life is a lingering fever.

When i give you my time...

Time is a very precious thing in life of every person. People who care about time always achieve their goal and destination. Time never stops for anybody

I need this. A watch... a bracelet... Okay, universe, I'll give bracelets another try. Good one.

Steampunk Bracelet Vintage Wrist Watch WORKING Watch Bracelet Heirloom Collection Gold and Bronze Filigree handmade by Compass Rose Design

Lovely graphic vignette with the old springs and clock faces...via Shelley Cullop Price....my booth at marburger

Lovely graphic vignette with the old springs and clock faces.via Shelley Cullop Price.my booth at marburger

This is a gorgeous flower bridal hair comb in deep coral pinks, sea foam green, teal blue and ivory cream. This floral collage includes various

Flower Bridal Hair Comb Seafoam Teal Wedding Pink and Aqua Floral Hair Piece Romantic Bridesmaids Gifts Rose Hairpiece Vintage Style

Matilda's pocketwatch #TheCountingDowners

Matilda's pocketwatch #TheCountingDowners

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Terrarium necklace. Nice!

Moss Terrarium Necklace - This piece features a hand blown hollow glass orb, which encases a preserved specimen of reindeer moss. I have this necklace, but it has a baby's breath inside.

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