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BatConservationTrust (@_BCT_) | Rescue and Rehab for release

BatConservationTrust (@_BCT_) | Rescue and Rehab for release

Blossom is a baby blossom bat that came into the care of Louise Saunders of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland following a suspected cat attack, according to ZooBorns. The tiny bat was nursed back to health on nectar mix and milk formula, and was raised from a baby under Saunders’ care. Once Blossom was strong enough, the bat was released back into the wild on Macleay Island in Queensland, Australia.

Blossom the Baby Bat

Rescued after a suspected cat attack, Blossom the (baby) Bat came under the care of Louise Saunders from the Bat Conservation & Rescue Queensland.


There’s A Bat Hospital In Australia That Takes In Abandoned Baby Bats

A Bat Hospital In Australia Rescues Baby Bats And Nurses Them Back To Health

This bat gives a cheeky smile as he gobbles down his food at Singapore Zoo, on September 10, 2013. (Photo by Benny Iskander/HotSpot Media)

Bat Portraiture by Benny Liao, via shoot this bat during my zoo vacation. I found him in the fragile forest, the bat is quite big around tall. Interesting, i found him during his lunch time, he's eating couple fruits that provided by the zoo.

Flying Fruit bats in rehab. I have fed a baby fruit bat when I used to work at the wildlife hospital. they have maggots & I had to take the heads off.Then milk in a syringe.