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macetero paleta

What a gorgeous idea this Paint Palette Garden Display is. This is a great DIY that will add personality to your yard.

I love all types of topiary but these Toad stool topiarys are so neat.  Shared from –>> Sow & Dippity

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Mossy Green Mushroom via Grass Land. Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom Projects for Your Garden - Sow & Dipity

DIY succulent concrete planter hands:

DIY Concrete Hand Planters & Bowls

Schöne Deko

Whimsical white picket fence with many small birdhouses. ~ why yes, yes I would love a bunch of colorful birdhouses on my fence! So quaint and fun.love it.

.What a bunch of stuffed shirts- they won't even turn around and say hello

Jeans Never Die!

denim blue color and denim interior trends, craft ideas to recycle blue jeans

Plastic bowl, large paper cup and Pam.  No DIY

DIY concrete mushrooms: Plastic bowl, large paper cup and Pam! my paycheck will be spent on concrete!

Badewanne wird Tisch und Pflanzenwanne zugleich

13 DIY Repurposed Bathtubs

Old Bathtub turned coffee table/planter! via the Garage Sale Gal I actually have an old claw foot tub in my barn, I was thinking of making it into a small koi pond, but I think I like this coffee table/planter better for our vacation home.