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What's a Media Kit Anyway? | Tips for bloggers on creating their media kit to share with advertisers and brands.

What's a Media Kit?

very interesting list of things to do for adding a media kit when selling advertising. I have a media kit on my site and the question is.

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Find some great tips for how to get team sponsorships. There's also a sample letter for sending to potential sponsors.

How to Get Team Sponsorships

From a PR perspective, learn how to pitch to brands as a blogger for collaborations. Includes email pitch templates and how to work with brands on Instagram.

How to Email Pitch to Brands as a Blogger: Do's + Dont's From a PR Perspective

Getting Corporate Sponsorships. Finding sponsors can be hard if you do not understand the process. Whether you are a business looking for sponsorship ideas, or an individual looking for sponsorship dollars to support causes important to you, you’ll find tips in this article to help you. Click the link to read this article to learn where to start to secure sponsorships.

Getting Corporate Sponsorships

Getting Corporate Sponsorships. Learn some tips on how to secure corporate sponsorships to promote your book and other projects.

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas | Blog post ideas to help you fight writer's block. #noexcuses #bloggerlife

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas | Blog post ideas to help you fight writer's block. #noexcuses #bloggerlife