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Reutilize garrafa

Designed by Magnus Pettersen "Tint" table lamp has a glass lampshade which sits on a concrete base

Alte Nähmaschine. 60 €. #Stuffle

Alte Nähmaschine. 60 €. #Stuffle

Bague Lamps by De Wael

Bague Lamps by De Wael

For Sale on - Pair of Bague Lamps by De Waef. Cast bronze table lamps for Fondica, newly rewired for use in the United States, shades included. Each lamp uses candelabra

Cirkel Leaning lamp

Collection “Cirkel” Leaning lamp Leaning lamp against the wall, is a floor lamp. This piece leaves no other choice then to put it against the wall. It is a little creature what is looking through your wall to the other side.

Light Container by Martin Azua

Ligt Container by Martin Azua

Simple but clever design of a light inside a metallic basket. The Light Container pendant lamp was designed by Martin Azua. The series is limited to 5000 units.

DANGLE 4 [ダングル4] シーリングライト ペンダントライト

DANGLE 4 [ダングル4] シーリングライト ペンダントライト

Godrik Van Deum

Phantomenal Lamp - Design Miss

large shades for lights - Google Search

Crave Worthy: Nicolette Brunklaus Large Delight Shade

Find a old pleated lampshade, pull off the pleats get some awesome scrap of lightweight cotton and modge-podge it inside the shade

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Berlin-based product designer Dirk Winkel created this slim black desk lamp to show that plastic can be as solid and tactile as metal or wood. Designed by Dirk Winkel for Wästberg.

Lamp (circa. 1935) / designed by André Sornay

From Galerie Alain Marcelpoil, André Sornay, Lamp (ca. Mahogany with brass nails and solid mahogany.

安土草多 ペンダントライト 球 大 安土 草多 | |オンラインショップ 作家もののうつわ(食器)、生活雑貨のお店 - 趣佳[syuca.jp]

安土草多 ペンダントライト 球 大 安土 草多 | |オンラインショップ 作家もののうつわ(食器)、生活雑貨のお店 - 趣佳[syuca.jp]