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those days when u just want to be left alone:/

Free and Funny Thinking Of You Ecard: Off is the general direction in which I wish you would fuck.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Some mornings I wake up and think, yep, todays the day I punch someone square in the throat.

Sometimes a mom just needs a 5 minute break. If only there was something to strong enough to hold a teenager, This mom needs a 30min break!!!!!

Sometimes a mom just needs a 5 minute break. - boy - hung up on clothes line - black and white - drip dry

weird friends make the best friends

Is it weird that this holds more truth to my best friend than it does to my boyfriend?

When a friend is upset about a recent breakup or devastated about a job rejection, your natural instinct is to tell her how amazing she is to try and make her feel better about herself. Ever had that

5 Ways To Console A Friend Without Making Things Worse

How to comfort a friend. This has a lot of surprising helpful info that we should not take for granted we already know.

Best friend status for sure!

Funny Friendship Ecard: I love that I don't have to act socially acceptable around you. Hahaha so true around my boys :)

Community Post: 7 LGBT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage

On a Shelf with No Paddle

Human rights perspectives respects diversity and does not just "tolerate" it. There are so many beautiful differences that humanity would grow within our collective consciousness if only we could embrace them.

Aww fuck

Most people have ah-hah moments. I have aww-fuck moments :P