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Ramo de novia en satin en blanco y marfil con broches de cristales de Swarovski . Foto: pressleynco.com

Cómo Escoger el Ramo de Novia Perfecto para tu Vestido

DRAPING JEWELED Brides Brooch Bouquet by Elegantweddingdecor

VINTAGE GLAM Brooch Bouquet, Deposit Only, Unique Custom Cascading Brooch Bouquet, Jeweled Brides Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet, DEPOSIT

DRAPING JEWELED Brides Brooch Bouquet- DEPOSIT for this Custom Bouquet, Brides Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Cascading Bouquet Like the draped beads .not so much the bouquet itself

HOLLYWOOD GLAM Brooch Bouquet - Large, Vintage style, soft Ivory large jeweled bouquet, stunning style, custom made to order

CHIC IVORY Brooch Bouquet - DEPOSIT for a this Beautiful Flower Bridal Brooch Bouquet, Custom Design Brooch Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet by Elegantweddingdecor on Etsy

Bouquet handle with initials of the couple

Continuing the topic of wedding bouquet décor, I’d like to share some cool handles and holders with you. Handles and holders are steadier and support the bouquet better, it’s very comfy if you have a big one.

CUSTOM VINTAGE GLAM BRIDAL BROOCH BOUQUET - $550 (Promo) - Deposit to place order - $550 - Balance - $200 ___DETAILS

UNIQUE BOUQUET, DEPOSIT, Ivory Champagne Jeweled Wedding Brooch Bouquet, Cascading Pearl Brooch Bouquet, Custom Bouquet, 550 usd

VINTAGE GLAM- DEPOSIT for Vintage Glam Bridal Brooch Bouquet in Ivory Champagne Mix with draping jewels, Brooch Bouquet want with blood red, gold, creamy ivory pearls, and rubies and diamond accents!

32 Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas to Inspire Your Big Day

Peacock Brooch Wedding Bouquet with real feathers

Peacock Wedding Brooch Bouquet with real feathers - Made to Order

8 formas de transformar tu ramo de Quinceañera este invierno

8 formas de transformar tu ramo de Quinceañera este invierno