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¿será posible que pase algún día?  #humor #nuevovichona

it's like an SMS but with all the letters! What's it called?" - Book, kid, book :( damn kids today X_X


I really hate the one with the poor bear. 20 Rare Historical Photos That Will Leave You Stunned

Social Media back in the day.

What Social Networking Looks Like in Real Life. Do you remember what life was like before social media? vintage social networking March 2013 by Wrong Hands

Red wine helps fight against Alzhemiers.  Shoot. I was drinking it to forget.  Lol!

Red wine helps fight against Alzheimer. "Shit, I drink so I can forget"

Imagen de http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CPtUSP1MzEE/S9NusUoMY-I/AAAAAAAAC9g/fnyHk3coDSc/s1600/c735-libraco.jpg.

Imagen de http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CPtUSP1MzEE/S9NusUoMY-I/AAAAAAAAC9g/fnyHk3coDSc/s1600/c735-libraco.jpg.

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La tortue gagnerait-elle tout le temps face au lapin ? Au premier à la maison, le lapin s'est fait avoir ! Il y a des paris perdus d'avance !

Lapin vs Tortue : Le premier à la maison

loosely translated- turtle- the first to arrive home wins hare- ok! turtle- i wiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn! hare- oh, shit. i cant stop laughing at this

Pitbull + Suarez

FAshion lol the best back to school fashion pictures to watch original and news 2015