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You know you're a true fan when you can tell who's who when their backs are turned

You know you're a true fan when you can tell who's who when their backs are turned (Top Bigbang Wallpaper)

Big Bang- one of the better fandoms no offence haha ❤️❤️I AM A VIP AND PROUD. I've pinned this before but it's worth pinning infinite times

Found this on facebook. Just want to share with u guys...

No fans are ''just drones''! We protect who we love - we are a family ♥ VIP!

whenever I see this I imagine other idols talking about them and caring about them...it's a seriously sad story, not because of us fans missing him, but for the other members missing him, probably feeling betrayed...it will be a missing gap for the rest of their lifes,...we all do not really know what happend, you can't trust rumors, I wish them the best to be able to go trough this hard time

Even GD counts right away...

"G-Dragon is counting the EXO standees at China airport” his hand moved 12 times LMAO he's like shit there's a lot of em

BIGBANG || wallpaper

I respect any artists who appreciate this and respect their fans in return. It has to be mutual in order for BB to have been successful for so long. This success is proof of their love for the fans and vice versa.

This is really cute :)  --Saturnalia Miracle Recurrence by ~gwendy85 on deviantART

Sorry I haven& posted in a while, but I& been busy catching up with school after the holidays, and as you shall soon see, this is the lengthiest fan comic I& ever.

Like little kids ...

Like little kids ...

Fantastic baby~ XD | allkpop Meme Center

Fantastic baby~ XD

It is a picture of BIGBANG - GD is up in the tower. I like his long hair on one side of his head/face from Fantastic Baby.